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We do Propane Business Valuations and Seller Rep for Propane Acquisitions

Jim provided us with outstanding advice and valuations when we sought appraisals for three petroleum related entities and related real estate holding companies. His knowledge of the petroleum industry was evident in his succinct and objective financial analysis and his insights proved to be quite shrewd. Above all he is prompt, thorough, and responsive to his clients.

"Jim Hinkle represents his clients well and has an in depth understanding of the energy business. In a world where people question the added value of a consultant, Jim delivers an added value in the acquisition process to both the buying and selling companies. I have enjoyed working with Jim and recommend his work to others."

our philosophy

DAVE CUNNIGHAM - President at Bold Shore Energy, LLC

​​JOSEPH CALHOUN - Business Development Manager at TransTech Energy 

Jim Hinkle represented several companies that we were interested in acquiring. ...Jim went above and beyond the requirements to get us the extra details, and everything we needed to know. Because of Jim's thoroughness, we were able to provide precise purchase price offers. In addition, he remained directly involved throughout the entire acquisition process. As a result, he was able to be of great service to both the buyer and seller in resolving any issues that developed. Jim was always a pleasure to work with..

TUCKER PERKINS - Propane Education & Research Council


  Our Philosophy is based  on a strong value system that begins with a genuine concern  for reliability and client satisfaction and continues with that same concern  for  knowledge,  proper advice and the future of our clients exiting the industry.


JEFFREY LAW - Product Manager Virtus Partners LLC

“I am writing to offer my highest recommendation to anyone wishing to engage JEH Consulting’s services for the purpose of valuation, tax planning, or evaluation of an existing business. …I have worked with you for a period of nearly twenty years on numerous deals of differing size and complexity. …your knowledge of the business is excellent and your insight  providing management guidance or tax advice is beneficial to your clients….”